Our cheese has always been about representing our landscape. Encapsulating the ecosystem - swaying native pastures dotted with herbs, the insects and birds so integral to the health of our biodiversity, the crystal clear water running in the creeks which the ewes drink from and the soil which binds it all together. We always felt the best representation for this expression, was through raw milk cheese and in August 2018, after several years of consultation with authorities, Yarrawa, Australia's first uncooked, raw milk cheese was released. This was followed by our raw milk blue cheese, Tongarra and raw milk feta. Ultimately, we let the sweet, pure ewe's milk speak for itself in our cheese.



Yarrawa is Australia's first non-cooked Raw Milk cheese and is an expression of our entire farming system. It is named after the indigenous word for Robertson's unique cool climate rainforest. Macro factors like soil, pasture and season give this cheese it's provenance in time and place, but so do the prevailing seasonal micro-flora which is encouraged to grow within the cheese and upon it's natural rind, over a minimum of three months. Only very simple starter cultures are used in order to give these indigenous yeasts and moulds space to express themselves in the cheese. Yarrawa is unmistakably reminiscent of Pyrenean/Basque sheep milk cheeses. It has a supple paste that hints of butter, cashews, caramel and grass. A complete expression of our farm . From the soil season, pasture and lactation cycle.

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Jamberoo Mountain Blue

A complex and subtle blue, with an overarching sweetness from the purity of our ewe's milk. Behind a natural rind is an ivory paste marbled with greenish-blue veins. On the palate there are yeasty, champignon, spicy and slightly smokey flavours. It is aged for three month and is at peak maturity at six months, where it has a wonderful combination of a luscious mouth-feel, earthy spiciness and hints of mixed peel and honeysuckle. The optimum period for making our blue is Autumn, where the milk has slight earthy notes and is highly concentrated, resulting in a wonderfully creamy, multi-layered cheese.



With its pale, ivory creamy centre, Curly is an unctuous sweet lactic cheese balanced by it's wrinkly, aromatic rind. The distinctive coloured rind is created by regular hand washing in brine. This encourages the proliferation of surface bacteria resulting in a complex flavour and aroma. The young cheese is lively with a lemony tang, giving way to more earthy and vegetal flavours with hints of honey as the cheese develops.



Made from fresh, new season milk and at it's peak in Spring,  Bloomy is a mould-ripened cheese with a beautiful ivory, wrinkled delicate skin. Beneath the rind, is a gooey texture with a translucent halo, which becomes molten as the cheese matures. The centre is dense, rich and smooth, with a slightly chalky texture. When young, Bloomy has notes of citrus with a lingering "creme fraiche" mouth-feel and as it ages, it becomes more buttery, earthy and intense. 


Fresh Curd

A delicate, silky lactic cheese. Favoured by Sydney's best chefs, it's elegant and delicate flavour profile means it can be paired with a variety of ingredients, from savoury to sweet. The mouthfeel is creamy and buttery with a beautiful lingering finish.


A pure, non-homogenised, pro-biotic, pot-set yoghurt. It has a Granny Smith like zing which underlies a natural occuring vanilla like sweetness with the barest hint of spice. Being low in acidity, it is ideal as a breakfast yoghurt and it's naturally high calcium, protien and vitamins makes it incredibly nutrient dense.